New Girl In Town

New Girl In Town“…Mr. Bemis finds poignancy in Chris’s suspension between regret and redemption.”

The New York Times

“…Cliff Bemis brings solid groundedness to the role of her belatedly protective Swedish father.”

TimeOut New York

Acclaimed illustrator Ken Fallin’s drawings of the greatest stars and scenes of the theatrical world are a recurring part of  This week Fallin captures New Girl in Town, Bob Merrill’s 1957 musicalization of Eugene O’Neill’s Anna Christie, about a prostitute with abuse in her past, which is getting a rare New York City revival at Irish Repertory Theatre.  Pictured are (clockwise from top left) Cliff Bemis, Danielle Ferland, Patrick  Cummings and Margaret Loesser Robinson. Click drawing below to enlarge.

“Cliff Bemis is sweetly gruff as Anna’s loving father, Chris Christopherson…”

The Huffington Post

“Cliff Bemis makes the most out of the clichéd role of Chris.”


“Cliff Bemis effectively blends fatherly concern in ways both caring and judgmental as Chris.”

Talkin’ Broadway

“Cliff Bemis is touching as Chris, Anna’s father, who sees his daughter, through a cloud of alcohol, as having a spotless reputation.”

“Cliff Bemis (Captain Chris Christopherson) plays credibly drunk when we first meet. His Swedish accent is seamless. “It’s good for to see you” could sound like a Muppet in the wrong hands. The actor gives us solidity, tenderness, and temper with facility. A deep baritone with slightly rough edges works well for the character.”

Women Around Town

July, 2012


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