The Drowsy Chaperone


“Other characters with a stake in the wedding day include theatrical producer Feldzieg, played with appropriate bombast by Cliff Bemis.”

Solange De Santis,

“Cliff Bemis, as the producer Feldzieg, lends a big man’s gracefulness to the dance number ‘Toledo Surprise'”

John Fleming, St. Petersburg Times

“One of the happy situations here is that the skilled character actors on whom this kind of show most depends—such as Cliff Bemis and Georgia Engel—are the very ones who value the tradition of top-drawer touring. They do Drowsy proud in Chicago.”

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“Standouts include…imposing theatrical impresario Cliff Bemis (if you ever wondered what Mike Ditka would look like in a musical comedy, now you’ll know).”

Bob Verini, Variety

“…and who knew Mike Ditka did musicals?  Actually it’s Cliff Bemis who plays the producer.”

Pittsburgh Gazette

“Cliff Bemis, a dead ringer for Mike Ditka of football fame, is a stitch as the harried manager Feldzieg (Ziegfeld, get it?)”

Greenville Online

My resemblance to Mike Ditka was mentioned more than a few times during The Drowsy Chaperone tour. The following clip is an interview I did with the local CBS station while we were in Chicago with the show.

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